Hats Off to the Jaguar I-PACE — "Most Significant Concept Vehicle of 2017"

The North American Concept Vehicle Awards which took place at the Concours d'Elegance of America showcased an extraordinary lineup of models considered "most likely to shape the future" of the auto industry. Among the competitors was the Jaguar I-PACE, flaunting the latest innovations developed by the brand's top engineers. In fact, it was so well-received by the critics in attendance and the public at large that it took home the title of the "Most Significant Concept Vehicle of 2017."

What separates the Jaguar I-PACE from other SUVs is its refreshing presence. Its style pays homage to sportier models with its defined silhouette and aggressive front fascia. Inside, it takes on a more luxurious attitude, decked out entirely in lavish aesthetics for which the automaker is famed. However, even more stunning is what it wields underneath the hood. Powered by an optimized all-electric source, it offers an exhilarating ride without sacrificing an ounce of efficiency. These sophisticated qualities are the reason it won the prestigious title at the ceremony.

Here at Jaguar Tulsa, we view this type as news as a way to gauge what Jaguar will offer in the future, so we hope that the information of the new Jaguar I-PACE excites you! For if there is anything that this concept vehicle suggests, it is that the automaker has a lot in store for drivers like you in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond!

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