Tread Length and Your Tires

With the blistering cold of winter upon us, it's that time of the year again to make sure everything in and on your car is ready for the snow and blow of winter. Fluids have to be changed or topped off, wiper blades checked, and of course brakes and tires.

Speaking of tires, did you know that the old adage about only needing tread as thick as the space between Lincoln's head and the top of a penny is actually false? It's about five times more than that to make a safe stop. If your tread is worn lower than that or has an uneven wear pattern, then you could be at risk of an accident.

Don't be a victim to worn out tires, call up Jaguar Tulsa and let our licensed mechanics hook you up with a fresh set of winter tires before the winter kicks into high gear.
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