What to Look For When You're Stuck on Icy Roads

We here at Jaguar Tulsa know that although the snow is beautiful, it isn't always the best condition to be driving in. One of the most abundant questions we at Jaguar Tulsa get asked is what to use in winter to help with traction. When this question comes up there is but three things that come to mind. Salt, sand or kitty litter. When your car is stuck, and you need a way out, any of these three things can help you get out of the rut and moving once more.
  • Salt - Although it is said to use salt for traction, the reality of it is that salt essentially melts the snow and ice giving the tire tread a better surface to grip.
  • Sand - Whereas salt melts the snow and ice away, the crystals that are found in sand cause more friction and helps tire treads from sliding on the slick surface of both ice and snow.
  • Kitty litter - Kitty litter plays the same part as sand crystals, however, it forms clumps which give tire tread something more to grip and hold onto while moving.
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