Why Windshield Wiper Fluid is a Must This Winter For Safe Driving

Driving around this winter with water in the washer tank could be trouble when the freezing temperatures get here. These are some things to consider about replacing the water in the washer reservoir with windshield wiper fluid.

The windshield wiper fluid can withstand colder temperatures because it has antifreeze and will work even well below freezing. Water in the washer tank will freeze solid and has the potential to damage the tank and the pump system.

The debris on your windshield will be difficult to clean with just water, especially in the winter. The windshield wiper fluid contains a mix of cleaning solutions that will help to break down things on the windshield like dead bugs or bird droppings. The windshield wiper fluid can lubricate the rubber on the wiper blades so they last all winter long.

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