Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Jaguar?

Once you've decided on your new Jaguar vehicle, the tough choice has to be made: should you lease the vehicle, or purchase it? Both options have their benefits, so it really comes down to your personal preferences. We're going to detail a few key differences for you, so you'll be better informed the next time you come to purchase a Jaguar from us.


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Leasing offers you more flexibility. You're usually able to determine how long you want to lease the vehicle, meaning that you can choose a new vehicle every 24 to 48 months. Since you're only financing a portion of the car's full price, your monthly payments are typically lower -- and you'll face fewer maintenance costs. At the end of the lease, you'll have to option to purchase it or turn it in and get into a new vehicle.

A loan gives you more control, since every payment brings you one step closer to owning the vehicle outright. You don't have to worry about mileage restrictions, so you're able to enjoy the open road whenever the urge strikes. Best of all? Once you've made the final payment, the Jaguar is yours -- so you can enjoy the full resale or trade-in value when you're ready to move on.

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