The benefits of Gap insurance

The minute you begin driving a new car, the value of your car drops. This means that if you were to get in an accident that totals your car, you will only get paid for the assessed value of your car. You can be left with the remaining car loan that still exists. GAP insurance protects you in the event of serious accident when you have a new car.

You can purchase GAP insurance as additional protection to your current car insurance plan, or you can buy GAP insurance with us at Jaguar Tulsa. Our representative can talk to you about your insurance options so that you are protected if you get into a serious accident.

GAP insurance pays you the difference between what you owe on your current car loan and what your car is worth. You won't get stuck with a leftover loan if you buy GAP insurance for your new car.

Stop by and check out your options when it comes to Gap Insurance today.

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