Keep Your Brake Pads in Top Shape

An intersection. They are often filled with traffic and require a high level of caution when executing a turn, stop, or movement at a green light. At any time, another car that is on the opposite side your vehicle could disobey a traffic light and force you to quickly apply your brakes. Thanks to brake pads, this is possible to do with little stress.

However, brake pads are sometimes ignored when it comes to having them maintained and checked for wear and tear. The brake fluid and pistons allow the brake pads to touch the wheel discs. Over time, they become susceptible overheating due to the high levels of friction, resistance, and stress they are placed under whenever the brakes themselves are utilized.

This is where our mechanics at Jaguar Tulsa excels. We know that proper functioning of your car is a priority, and want to help you stay safe on the local intersections and roads. Don't forget to have your brake pads serviced at your car manufacturer's specified time of inspection. We want to make the roads a safe place for all drivers, so stop into our service center today!

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