Why Proper Tire Tread Is So Important For Your Vehicles Performance

If you have ever watched a race before, you may notice that the race cars don't have treading on their tires. How can tire tread be so important if race cars don't even have it? The answer is simple: tire tread exists to keep you safe when roads are wet.

Tire tread works to:

  • Help your car come to a stop in half the distance of worn down tires
  • Let water flow easily under your tire when roads are wet
  • Reduce the risk of having a blowout
  • Reduce the risk of hydroplaning or losing control of your vehicle

Our highly trained staff at Jaguar Tulsa recommends you replace your tires once the tread gets below 4/32 of an inch. If you need new tires, come visit our dealership today and we will help you find a new set.

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