How Much Do You Know about the Move Over Laws?

Imagine yourself buying a brand new car at Jaguar Tulsa and crashing it right into an emergency worker working on the side of the highway in the greater Tulsa, OK area. Yeah, you definitely would have dented your car.

You might not consider it, but more than 200 emergency workers lose their lives each year, according to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, because people like you drive too close and crash into them. You probably also aren't concerned that the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund states that more than 150 U.S. law enforcement officers have been in fatal accidents since 1997 after being crashed into on America's highways. But have you thought about the repair costs? Fixing a car after a crash is definitely pretty expensive.

Aside from repair costs, you would probably be fined for breaking the Move Over law. All 50 states require cars to move over on the highway when seeing emergency workers working. Save money and move over!

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