Learn How to Safely Test Your Car's Battery

To test the strength of your car battery, you need to have a voltmeter and a little understanding of how to read the meter.
  1. Begin my making sure the car lights are not on and the ignition is turned off.
  2. If the car battery does have some corrosion build-up on the terminals, use a small wire brush to make the terminals clean.
  3. To the positive end of the battery goes to red cable from the voltmeter. To the negative end of the battery goes to black cable from the voltmeter.
  4. Looking closely at the meter, the needle should be above the 12.4 mark. That is a good battery. Anything under 12.2 indicates the battery may not hold a charge or have adequate cranking power.
If you are not sure about the results, bring the car to Jaguar Tulsa and our crew will test the battery for you and replace with OEM equivalent.  
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