Steps You Can Take to Reduce Motion Sickness

If you have ever taken a road trip to even a neighboring town and felt sick, perhaps you can identify with the motion sickness dilemma. You might have noticed that you suddenly broke out into a sweat or you got dizzy or began feeling like you might vomit. That's right - you might be suffering from motion sickness.

If you feel as though this is something that pops up far too often, there are some things you can try in order to prevent it. There are over the counter remedies you can buy. You can also get some peppermint or ginger ale. Those natural remedies can get rid of nausea, at least.

Oddly, eating before you travel might help as well. Having something in your stomach can help settle this malady. Once you've overcome those symptoms, you might also want to try a car that has a bit of a smoother ride. Come check out a family friendly vehicle that you can feel comfortable in by stopping by Jaguar Tulsa today.



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