Check on Low-Mileage Oil Change Suggestions

The time has come for an oil change, literally. "Literally" means the time-expiration point on the oil change arrived. Most manufacturers suggest changing a vehicle's oil at 5,000 miles or six months. Used oil, oil run through the motor for thousands of miles, can't reduce friction well. Neither can old oil. Unfortunately, many drivers don't know old oil doesn't work too well.

Lack of knowledge won't prevent horrific damage from befalling an engine. Motor vehicle parts aren't forgiving. They can't override the laws of physics for their owners. When the engine suffers from too much friction, metal wears down. So, change the oil at the right time.

Keep track of the date of your last oil change. Mark the due date on your calendar. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with costly damage.

Don't put your engine at risk over something as simple as an oil change. Come to the service department at Jaguar Tulsa and get the work done.



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