Cleaning up after your canine or feline companion is rarely an easy task. This is especially true after you've taken your pet for a long ride in your new car. The good news is that eliminating stubborn accumulations of pet hair can be quick and easy with the right strategies. At Jaguar Tulsa, we want motorists to know the latest and most effective tricks for keeping their vehicle interiors pristine.

How Fabric Softener Can Help

?After countless efforts to vacuum your upholstery and floors, you'll likely find that there's still a goodly number of pet hairs adhering to these surfaces and trapped in nearby crevices. Mixing a modest amount of fabric softener with water will create a fresh, clean-smelling solution that will help you pick these offending strands up in no time at all. Simply spray floors and upholstered surfaces with this solution, and then use a few paper towels to wipe these areas clean.

After the treated areas have fully dried, you can follow these efforts up with a thorough vacuuming. When you're done, your car won't just look better; it will smell better as well. For more tips on how to preserve the aesthetic value and general resale value of your auto, or for professional detailing and cleaning, stop by Jaguar Tulsa today.


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