Range and Charging of the Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar offers drivers a new all-electric vehicle, the I-Pace, an eco-friendly car with an expansive driving range, impressive performance and plenty of comfort in the cabin.

Travel up to 234 miles between charges thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery that rates at 90 kWh. Using the air conditioner or heater can lower the range estimate, but the I-Pace can pre-warm or cool the car while it is still hooked up to its power supply, meaning that the bulk of the power it will use to regulate climate control doesn't drain the battery.

Drivers can use a classic socket to charge their I-Pace or install a specialized Jaguar charging station. A classic socket will most likely charge the vehicle for a range of 30 miles in an overnight time span. The Jaguar-approved charger will charge the battery fully overnight. Public chargers can fill the battery to 80 percent in a 45-minute to 85-minute time span.



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