2019 Jaguar E-PACE Takes Home Safety Gold

In its home country, the 2019 Jaguar E-PACE has received multiple safety-related awards. It's deployable pedestrian protection system caught the eye of the Euro NCAP board, and they awarded the subcompact luxury roadster a high rating because of this and other sophisticated features.

Exterior sensors detect whenever something has come into contact with the car. Actuators then kick in to lift the bonnet, which provides greater clearance to anything hard and heavy in the engine bay. If you've seen some fancy-looking documents on display at Jaguar Tulsa, then now you know what all the buzz is about.

Engineers have been able to pack a number of other award-winning safety and usability features into the E-PACE as well. It's not bad for a car that's considerably smaller than most other in the Jaguar line. You might even say it's designed perfectly for those tight side streets in Tulsa that a full-sized luxury car could never handle.



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