The Power and Performance of the Jaguar XJ

Luxury sedans are commonplace on roads, but the Jaguar XJ truly appears out of the ordinary. The luxury sedan moves like few other luxury models. In addition to awesome performance, the XJ looks incredible. The performance, however, may be the best feature.

The aluminum construction adds to the Jaguar XJ's uniqueness. A sturdy steel frame would add weight, which can slow down a car. The recycled aluminum doesn't come with excess weight. And then there's another plus: lighter aluminum supports better fuel economy. The recycled aspect may also appeal to "greener" attitudes.

The Jaguar XJ offers three distinct engines. The 3.0L V6 provides 340 HP while two 5.0L V8 engines generate 470 HP and 575 HP respectively. Choose the engine and level of power you find the most comfortable.

Describing the Jaguar XJ could never replace the feeling of test driving one in Tulsa. Come to the showroom at Jaguar Tulsa to pick one for a ride.



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