No matter how much or how little you drive, there comes a time when the car requires a tire rotation. Wear doesn't occur even with the front and back tires. So, to avoid some problems with the tires, move the ones from the front to the back and the back tires up front.

Tire rotations have a positive effect on the treads. If your treads wear unevenly, several problems may arise. Among them would be weaker traction, which creates a potential hazard when driving.

Usually, tire rotations occur every 5,000 miles. Oil changes are commonly recommended at the same mileage point, so it makes sense to get both done at the same time. Unfortunately, some remember to change their oil, but don't think about rotating the tires. Avoid making that mistake by keeping a note about tire rotations on your maintenance calendar.

Drive better on the roads in Tulsa by preserving your tires. Visit the service department at Jaguar Tulsa for a rotation.


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