Changing the motor oil on your vehicle is an important part of vehicle maintenance, and at Jaguar Tulsa, we want you to be an informed driver who knows the importance of using the correct motor oil. Does your vehicle require synthetic motor oil? Why is synthetic motor oil so good for your vehicle?

Synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oil is said to be the best quality motor oil you can use for your vehicle. It’s made from high-quality chemical components and provides the utmost protection for your car’s engine. Its benefits include:
• Higher viscosity index
• Less loss through evaporation
• More resistance to sludge problems
• Greater resistance to oxidation thermal breakdown
• Better gas mileage
• Keeps engine as new as possible

Does your engine require synthetic motor oil? If you’re not sure, you can check the owner’s manual for your vehicle, or you can stop at our Tulsa shop. Our certified technicians can check over your vehicle and perform any necessary service.



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