Myth 1: Always Change the engine oils when it becomes dark

This myth is wrong and misleading. The opposite is just real. The purpose of the car oil is to disperse the tiny or the fine particles, which results in the engine sludge. It also holds them in suspension in the engine oil itself to build up along engine walls. That is one reason why the oil appears darker than usual.

Myth 2: The “W” in 10W-30 oil stands for “Weight.”

False. The “W” here stands for winter. When buying oils, you should consider understanding the viscosity of the oil. This viscosity is one property that corresponds to its thickness. If you find out that the oil is less viscous, you will also realize that it will be able to move through the engine smoothly. Lubrication of the moving parts will be natural and will help them work without causing the parts to overheat.



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