A blind-spot monitor is a warning system that alerts drivers of the presence of lateral traffic when they are about to change lanes. This technology is also referred to as lane-assist technology and comes standard with many vehicle models.

It is designed to bring the driver's attention to parallel traffic positioned, or approaching, the area where a car's mirrors do not reflect road details. Some systems sound the alarm when the turn signal is engaged, and others notify drivers when the monitor detects sideways movement. Prior to changing lanes, many drivers just give a perfunctory glance over the shoulder to check for approaching traffic. Others do not, and for hundreds of motorists annually, something goes terribly wrong. Blind-spot collisions cost more than 300 lives annually.

Auto makers have ramped up their technological endeavors with smart features that enable better driving capabilities. Lane-assist technology is one such feature and it is helping motorists avoid accidents and saving lives.


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