The E-PACE: A Top Performing SUV From Jaguar

When most people think of Jaguar, luxury sports cars and sedans come to mind. However, the new Jaguar E-PACE is a sporty, compact SUV from Jaguar that has a lot to offer. This vehicle makes a good family car, and provides all the comfort and handling that Jaguar owners have come to expect and love.

The smooth ride found in the Jaguar E-PACE is due in part to the vehicle's independent suspension system. This system handles bumps and uneven pavement easily without jostling the driver or passengers.  

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Jaguar XF Performance Features

One of the most popular mid-size luxury cars on the road today is the Jaguar XF. It offers best in class performance and has kept car buyers coming back year after year to see just what Jaguar will come up with next. That is why our team here at Jaguar Tulsa are so excited to introduce you to the brand new 2018 model!

First, the aluminum build of the body of the XF make it lightweight and improve its handling around even the tightest corners. It also comes equipped with an "inspired suspension" which allows this vehicle to provide you…

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What are the benefits of owning a Crossover?

With so many different vehicle options available today, how do you know which one is for you? Do you sacrifice gas mileage in exchange for more cargo space? Or should you get a small car at a reasonable price and upgrade as your family grows? With a crossover, you get the features you want at a price you can be happy with.

A crossover is essentially a small SUV with car-like handling. Crossovers provide you with ample passenger and cargo space without having to give up the fuel economy and affordable price that you want. As well as being used…

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Knowing When Your Brake Pedal Needs Help

You know what it feels like to push your foot down on a properly functioning brake pedal. You know what you are used to feeling with the brake pedal in your vehicle. Our staff at Jaguar Tulsa wants you to know when you should seek out help regarding your vehicle and its brake pedal.

If you press on your brake pedal and it goes all of the way down right away, pushing down too easily, there is something going on that should be addressed. If the brake pedal feels a bit spongy beneath your foot, there is a problem, and…

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How to Spend Less on the Car You Want

Most people in the United States own vehicles. In actuality, most households own several vehicles. Whether you own cars or trucks, having vehicles makes living life loads easier. Unless you are wealthy, it's important to keep up with how much these machines cost. Be careful - the cost of ownership often far exceeds the simple purchase price of a vehicle. Let's dive into several factors owners often overlook at Jaguar Tulsa.

Maintenance is something that responsible owners engage in. Without maintenance, it is likely your vehicle requires significantly more repairs.

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Stop into Jaguar Tulsa for Automotive Servicing and Repair

Don't leave the repair of your vehicle to a service center that could be offering low pricing and inferior parts that will only require your car to back on the lift this year, trust the staff members at Jaguar Tulsa when you need any work done.

Each mechanic working at the dealership has access to the right tools for any repair of the vehicle. Our team is constantly getting information concerning recalls and will make those repairs on your vehicle while they still qualify for the warranty. The only repairs we make on your vehicle will be done so…

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Compare Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Pros and Cons

We write this blog to inform our customers about a variety of auto-related topics. You can use its posts to educate yourself during the car-buying process. You will make a better decision. Today, let's explore the top two drive systems, front-wheel, and rear-wheel drive.

Drive systems to describe themselves in their names. Front-wheel drive applies the engine's force to the pavement through the car's front wheels. Rear-wheel drive moves its engine's horsepower through the vehicle's back wheels. A front-wheel setup requires fewer parts, so it allows automakers to offer cars with...

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Myths Regarding Motor Oil

You might have heard folks talk about motor oil at social gatherings. Probably, they dispensed some myths. We value informed car owners, so let's debunk a couple oil falsehoods now.

Commonly, people believe that they must change their oil before long trips. Any long trip is superfluous to the matter of when to change your oil. In fact, you should change your oil according to the mileage guidelines in your car's owner's manual. While planning a trip, if you realize that your car will need an oil change during it, you can easily opt for an early…

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Is Your Exhaust Leaking?

Some vehicle problems are difficult to spot. However, your vehicles exhaust system will likely give you quite a few signs that there is a leak. You may hear a loud rumbling noise as you drive or you may find that your fuel efficiency is significantly decreased. Your gas pedal may also vibrate as you drive. It’s critical that you pay attention to all of these different signs as you drive in Tulsa, OK.

If you think that you have an exhaust leak, the best thing that you can do is get your vehicle checked out. Our vehicle technicians at…

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Learn How to Safely Test Your Car's Battery

To test the strength of your car battery, you need to have a voltmeter and a little understanding of how to read the meter.
  1. Begin my making sure the car lights are not on and the ignition is turned off.
  2. If the car battery does have some corrosion build-up on the terminals, use a small wire brush to make the terminals clean.
  3. To the positive end of the battery goes to red cable from the voltmeter. To the negative end of the battery goes to black cable from the voltmeter.
  4. Looking closely at the meter, the needle should be above…
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